Just walk away


These last few months, I have been very busy juggling personal life, some client projects, and two large projects I am undertaking to grow my business. One of these growth projects is a software application that will significantly reduce the time technical authors need to spend compiling their books for print, eBook, and training. To build the [...]

Tell me something you did wrong


This article also appears on LinkedIn. The other day I was sitting at my favorite outdoor lunch spot. Two people sat down next to me and started chatting. From the conversation, it was evident they never met each other. One lady exuded confidence and strength. The other woman sitting across from her was super friendly [...]

Project Execution: The Game of Thrones Edition


When someone tells me there are executing a project or executing someone’s strategy, my mind wanders to Ned Stark’s shocking demise in HBO’s Game of Thrones. If someone says a project is in execution this usually means the project is safely under the control of a project manager and the teams are getting work done. [...]

Here is how to write a great scope statement


I am a contributing author on the TechGenix.com IT news and tutorials site. This particular article focuses on how to write a scope statement. Click here for the original article. HERE IS HOW TO WRITE A GREAT SCOPE STATEMENT Nearly all IT projects start with a scope statement. The purpose of the scope statement is to [...]