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What’s new in eBook Toolkit 2016 for Microsoft Word

When we release a new version of the eBook Toolkit, the updates will appear here. We strive to keep this page in sync with the release of new versions. However, there may be times when immediate updates are released (such as security updates) where this page may not be up to date for a short period of time (usually within 24 hours).

Version 2016.0.0.72

  • Fixes a minor display bug.

Version 2016.0.0.71

  • The Novelist Edition now supports up to 25 documents. The number of words is still limited to 100,000 words.
  • The Publisher Edition now supports up to 100 documents. The number of words is still limited to 500,000 words. Please note we will consider lifting the 500,000 word limit but testing shows that too much computer memory is required when publishing a large number of documents.

Version 2016.0.0.70

  • Convert tables to pictures (bitmaps!). This long-awaited feature is now out of beta. There is a new conversion settings tab that allows you to convert tables to pictures (bitmaps).
  • Remember, the eBook Toolkit never modifies your original files, so if you want a copy of the file with the pictures, then choose the new option in the conversion settings tab to save a copy of the Microsoft Word file.

Versions 2016.0.0.68 & 2016.0.0.69 – 1/4/2017

  • Improved the user interface to show the selection of custom style sheets as options.
  • Added a new title to the message box that displays when a conversion is complete. This new title let’s you know there are still a few more steps before you can complete the eBook creation.

Version 2016.0.0.67 – 12/27/2016

  • Add the ability to select a custom stylesheet (css file) for your eBook.
  • Add the ability to select a custom stylesheet (css file) for your TOC (table of contents) navigation file (ePub 3 only).

Version 2016.0.0.66 – 12/21/2016

  • Improve the user interface so it looks good in double-resolution screens (great for Mac users with Retina running Parallels).
  • Add the pen icon to the main form.
  • Fix a bug where you may receive a Success message when running the conversion even if there was an error.

Version 2016.0.0.65 – 12/21/2016

  • Improve the user interface so you know when the conversion is complete.
  • After you create the eBook, disable the button so you do not accidentally overwrite your files.

Version 2016.0.0.64 – 12/21/2016

  • Fix publishing issue.

Version 2016.0.0.63 – 12/20/2016

  • New beta feature: Convert tables to pictures! See more details here.
  • New beta feature: Save copies of your Word files to the output folder. See more details here.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Fix a bug where files sometimes overwrite each other.

Version 2016.0.0.63 – 12/5/2016

  • Fix a bug where certain metadata did not populate.
  • Remove the Subject Code field as only the Subject field is part of the ePub specification.
  • Clean up code that stored an older table of contents link.

Version 2016.0.0.62 – 12/2/2016

  • Added more bullet styles to convert.

Version 2016.0.061 – 12/2/2016

  • Start adding dates to the version numbers on this What’s new page.
  • The eBook Toolkit is now modal, staying in front of Microsoft Word while in use.

Version 2016.0.0.60

  • New feature: Hold down the shift key while running the application to skip the Welcome tab.
  • Fixed an issue where Microsoft Word documents may not close properly.
  • Fixed an issue where Microsoft Word documents would not open in read-only mode.

Version 2016.0.0.59

  • Added copyright information to the Welcome tab.

Version 2016.0.0.58

  • Added training videos to every page! Now every tab has one or more training videos that teach you more about ePub, Kindle, and how the eBook Toolkit works.
  • Update the modified and publication dates so they verify using ePubCheck.
  • Update the <head> tags in the xhtml content files so they support xhtml standards and verify using the W3C validator.

Version 2016.0.0.57

  • Add the ability to click a link within the app to see this web page.

Version 2016.0.0.56

  • Pre-release version for testing purposes.