Introducing The Ultimate eBook Readiness Checklist

I remember the year 2012 when I published my first full-length book. From there, I went on to write six more eBooks. With this background and experience, I wrote the eBook Toolkit, which you can find right here on the Optical Authoring website. Over the years, friends and colleagues frequently ask what it takes to release an eBook, so I finally sat down and wrote The Ultimate eBook Readiness Checklist.

What is the eBook Readiness Checklist?

The eBook Readiness Checklist is guidance that shows you all the critical steps you must take to write, publish, and marketing your eBook. Here is a link to the first page of the eBook Readiness Checklist:

After the first page, you will find topic headings that cover areas such as:

  1. How to finish writing your eBook.
  2. Prepare your eBook before you publish it.
  3. Publish and market your eBook.
  4. Professional tips and tricks.
  5. Useful links and resources.

Wrote for beginners and professionals alike, you will find the 25 pages of this PDF file to be easy to understand and provides practical, straightforward advice.

Peer reviewed

Before writing the entire checklist, I asked my peers over at the (breath in) Ebooks, Ebook Readers, Digital Books and Digital Content Publishing (breath out) LinkedIn group to provide feedback on the 1-pager master checklist. I was pleased to find only a few adjustments were needed, but their input was invaluable.

Here are the good people that provided their feedback to the 1-pager master checklist:

Bradford Smith

Erik Christopher

Carl Rosschou

Kevin McLaughlin

Emma Mitchell

Marion Gropen

Edwin Fager

Barbara Haiss Martin

Download the free 1-pager master checklist now

You can download the 1-pager master checklist in PDF format with the link below (no signup required):


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