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Introducing The Ultimate eBook Readiness Checklist

I remember the year 2012 when I published my first full-length book. From there, I went on to write six more eBooks. With this background and experience, I wrote the eBook Toolkit, which you can find right here on the Optical Authoring website. Over the years, friends and colleagues frequently ask what it takes to release an eBook, so I finally sat down and wrote The Ultimate eBook Readiness Checklist. (more…)

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Guest Post: How I Learned to Tell Stories

Not too long ago, a friend connected me with an author by the name of Steven R. Barron. Steven is a charismatic guy with a lot of imagination. Steven used the eBook Toolkit to output his book to the professional Amazon format he sells today. Please enjoy Steven’s story about how he become an author and learning to write.


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Technical eBook Templates: Callouts

If you write a technical eBook, you probably use callouts. Getting these callouts to look great in an eBook and your print version is not as easy as you might think.

I did a lot of research with Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, and Google Docs to come up with two approaches that work consistently across all popular eBook readers. I tested everything here using various versions of Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, and Barnes & Noble Nook.

Before you begin reading, I do want to point out that there are many other tools and techniques you can use. My purpose for writing this post is to share an easy option that lets you focus on writing without using specialty techniques or learning advanced software applications. All these options assume you are writing a reflowable eBook.

What is a callout?


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Technical eBook Templates: Bullets

It is a little strange that sitting here today in 2016, the age of emojis, memes, and youtube videos, that I have to write an article on creating bulleted lists in an eBook, but here we are.

Bullets, or more accurately, bulleted lists, are vital to most technical writers. Here is a bulleted list that explains why you want bulleted lists:

  • They break up your content into digestible parts.
  • They make it easy to summarize relevant information.

Obviously, eBooks support bullets, right? Well…


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Technical eBook Templates: Dealing with Fonts

When you fire up your favorite word processor, there are dozens or even hundreds of fonts you can choose. You can select fancy cursive fonts or straightlaced fonts that make your work look like it came from a 1970’s typewriter.

In the world of eBooks, there are some things you need to know about fonts:

  • Most eBook readers come with a set of default fonts.
  • The person reading your eBook can change the font to one that fits their liking.
  • Embedding custom fonts typically require licensing, adding cost to your work.

So what font do you choose for your technical eBook? I will share my thoughts with you in this post. (more…)

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Creating Technical eBook Templates: An Introduction

Writers of fiction often place words on a page with a chapter heading and maybe the occasional picture. Technical writers use a lot more features for their books, including (but certainly not limited to):

  • Callouts.
  • Tables.
  • Figures (or pictures).
  • Annotations.
  • Mathematical formulas.
  • Bulleted lists.
  • Numbered lists.
  • Callouts.
  • Various font styles such as bold, italic, and strikethrough to name a few.
  • And much more.


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Barnes & Noble’s CEO Out

Ron Boire did not even hold the CEO job at Barnes & Noble for a full year before he was let go by the board of directors, stating:

The Board of Directors determined that Mr. Boire was not a good fit for the organization and that it was in the best interests of all parties for him to leave the Company.

The board is searching for a new CEO so other executives are taking the temporary reigns.

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Inside the ePub Format: The CSS file

In this post, I discuss the importance of css (or cascading style sheets) in your eBook. As with all other posts, ePub and Kindle are essentially the same.

As you may recall from my original post in this series, you learned your content files (your eBook) is just a web page that displays text and media content. The web page your eBook displays is called a xhtml file.

If you want your book to have a unique look-and-feel, you need to create a stylesheet for it. In this article, I show you how to incorporate css styles into your eBook.


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